Village View Trails

These trails surround the Village View development, built in 1986 and 1987. Much of the land belongs to the homeowners’ association, so please respect the trails.

From the Orchard Street trailhead, the first junction forks east to Kissacook Hill (described elsewhere) and west toward Village View. Stay north of the small pond until you reach a woods road. Follow that south (left) until it turns right uphill onto a well defined trail which roughly parallels East and West Prescott Streets. At the end of a stone wall, you may find the trail that doubles back to the end of Elm Street. Continue west until you reach an old bridal path that goes north-south from West Prescott to the Sportsmen’s Club property. Follow the bridal path south (left) until it curves to the right. You can turn left to regain the old pathway, or more likely continue straight to the VFW ball field.

Coming from Elm Street, another trail branches right to roughly parallel Orchard Street. This trail is easy to follow at first but becomes indistinct. Its north terminus is not apparent. If attempting a loop, it’s far easier to go counterclockwise.

In the northwest of the Village View common land, a trail extends from a trail network in Groton, but it peters out.

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The best way to access the trails is by parking near the end of Orchard Street and locating the trail-head that serves as the eastern terminus of Village View and the western terminus of Kissacook Hill.

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