O’Brien Farm

The O’Brien family purchased the O’Brien Farm in 1896. The Farm contains open meadows, forested upland, a wooded swamp, marshlands and Pond Brook. You will still find the picturesque barn with the original farming tools of the 1800s. From sharpening a cultivator, shoeing a horse or repairing a wagon wheel, the necessary tools are at the O’Brien farm.

Located on Vose Road, once the main road to Acton, many sections are still a country dirt road. As you approach the farm on Vose Road from the west you will see Pond Brook flowing under the road. Here you will see a bypass for the horses to cross the brook and stop and get a drink from the brook and not block wagons passing on the narrow dirt road.

The twenty-five acre farm is a haven for wildlife. You will find beavers, deer, coyotes, foxes and often a meandering rafter of turkeys. The marshland and swamp area provide an ideal habitat for the eight species of turtles found in Westford including the unwieldy Snapping Turtle.

A recent birding inventory of the bird population documented over 46 different species both resident and migratory. This is an ideal walk for the observant birder. You will see a variety of bushes including a section of blueberry bushes which provides a welcoming habitat for the many birds that call the O’Brien Farm home or a brief resting stop as they migrate south for the winter.

The glacial esker which runs east from the edge of Pond Brook has provided an excellent spot for a Fox Den which may be spotted as you walk the trail along the edge of Pond Brook. On the top of the esker you will find the Oak Trail and a few owl perches where they call out to each other often into the late hours of the night.

In 2012 the O’Brien farm became protected by a Conservation Restriction co-held by the Sudbury Trustees and the Town of Westford. We thank all those who assisted and helped protect this enchanting piece of Westford’s history for future generations to enjoy.

In 2022, a significant bridge is scheduled to be built, connecting the two trail networks at their closest point across Pond Brook.

Figure 1 View of the O’Brien Barn from Vose Road                                          Figure 2 Vose Road Circa 1890

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