Peace Trail

The Peace Trail was named by the boys of Cub Scout Pack 95. While clearing the trail, they disposed of a huge number of tires which were dumped on this land. The property is owned and maintained by the Town, the Westford Conservation Trust, and the Drew Crossing neighborhood. The trail is hilly, but only about a half mile long. The trail has three entry points: Boston Road, Drew Crossing and Court Road. The most convenient route is to park at Drew Crossing, follow the trail to Court Road, and optionally visit Boston Road on your return.

From the Drew Crossing parking area, a 50-foot boardwalk, created by Eagle Scout Paul Berard, crosses over the cattail wetland. This is a great place to stand and look for birds. If you then take the right fork towards Court Road, you will pass more beaver-created wetland on both sides. The trail passes over a 160 foot boardwalk, created by Eagle scouts Sean Dilworth and Michael Basmaji and several smaller bridges created by Eagle Scout Adam Holub. Shortly before Court Road, you will cross over a new bridge that was constructed in 2021 by Girl Scout Troop 66305.

The trail climbs up over a large esker, a long thin bank of gravel deposited by the glaciers about 10,000 years ago. From the top of the esker, you can look down on the wetland and in spring and summer you will be amazed at the amount of bird life you see and hear. Huge red oaks dominate the forest here. A trail to the right leads to the beaver dam which created all this abundance. This wetland is actually the origin of Tadmuck Brook, which flows under Drawbridge Rd, to Providence Rd., Leland Rd., Dana Drive, Main St., Cider Mill Pond on Lowell Rd. and into Stony Brook.

The trail is well named, because even though the trail is so close to Rt. 495, when entering this lovely nature preserve, one feels one has entered a quiet and peaceful wilderness.


This lovely woodland trail lies between Boston Rd., Court Rd. and Drew Crossing, an 87-acre parcel of protected open space. While the farm stand remains unused, the best access point is at the end of Drew Crossing.

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