About Us

The Westford Conservation Trust is a private, non-profit, non-governmental organization incorporated in 1984 under Massachusetts law for the purpose of preserving land and other natural resources. The Trust is a charitable, 501-C3 organization, for which all donations are tax deductible. The Trust is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. Since its beginning, the Trust has acquired a number of open space areas and trails through both direct ownership and permanent conservation restrictions.


  • To preserve open land, water resources, wildlife and other natural resources.
  • To establish and maintain trails.
  • To preserve and protect historic sites.
  • To educate the public about the wise use of natural resources.

We hold numerous parcels of land for the benefit of Westford’s citizens and wildlife, and are involved with the care and maintenance of many of the 60 miles of trails in the town of Westford. We also provide monthly guided walks, are involved in invasive species management, water quality sampling, scout project mentoring and sponsoring high school and college scholarships. We sponsor the Westford Wildlife Watch column, printed monthly in the Westford Eagle. We work with the Town government to help secure open space parcels and to pass other open space initiatives.

The Westford Conservation Trust is often mistaken for the Westford Conservation Commission, which is a governmental function of the Town of Westford. The Commission members are appointed by the Selectmen for three year terms. They are the Town body responsible for protection of Westford natural resources with major responsibility for administration of the State’s Wetlands Protection Act and the Westford Wetland By-law.

Frequently asked questions about the Trust.

Westford Conservation Trust Officers and Directors

As our by-laws require, Directors, Associate Directors, the Clerk and the Treasurer are voted into office by the membership of the Trust at the Annual Meeting on the first Thursday in November each year. A nominating committee presents a slate, and nominations are also taken from the floor. The President and Vice President are elected by the Board at the next Board meeting. Other positions are appointed by the Board at various times.

President Ron Gemma
Vice President Diane Duane
Treasurer Gerry DiBello
Clerk Richard Strazdas
Directors Leonard Palmer
Alden Wood
Emily Edwards
Andrew Sammarco
Dave Ebitson
Honorary Directors Marian Harman
Bill Harman
C. Thomas Paul
Associate Directors Elizabeth McGuire
Rosemarie Koester

Westford Conservation Trust Committees

Newsletter Gerald DiBello
Land and Trails Alden Wood
Membership Leonard Palmer
Scholarship Elizabeth McGuire
Invasive Species Management Gerald DiBello
Outreach and Public Relations Diane Duane
Water Quality Diane Duane
Webmaster Trail Websites