Pageant Field – Stone Wall Restoration

Community Preservation Funding Project Name: Pageant Field Wall Restoration

CPA funds approved: $35,000

Applicant: Westford Conservation Trust

Aerial Photo of Prospect Hill & Pagaent Field Today
Hildreth St Plot Plan – Pageant Field

The Historical Pageant “Westford” 1729-1929

200th Historical Pageant Sep 21, 1929 – Official Photo Click on image to enlarge

Pageant Field Poem by Tristan MacDonald

The stone wall along Hildreth St is shown behind the participants near the top.

Historical Pageant 1929

Pageant Field Stone Wall – 1929

Rev. Fiske, 1st Chelmsford Minister – Represented by W.C. Roudenbush/Spectators on Prospect Hill
Spectator’s cars parked in field
Chief Wanalancet represented by Fisher Buckshorn
Boston Globe Article 1929

View original Boston Globe Article 9/23/1929

Wall Section Collapsed – View from Field
Wall Disrepair at the Hildreth St Restored Gate (from field)

collapsed wall
Pageant Field Restored Gate

Mowing the Pageant Field Pollinator/Wildflower Habitat