Fall 2022 Newsletter

In This Issue Trust 2022 Annual Meeting Invasives Committee Summer Wrap-Up A Walk in the Woods –  by David Ebitson Something to Chew On –  by Mark Minnucci Hildreth Meadows Trail – by Bill Harman Best Ways to Preserve Nature While Hiking Nutty Westford –  by Rich Strazdas Fall 2022 Newsletter  

Virginia Virgin’s-bower

Virgin’s-bower (Clematis virginiana) growing at Grey Fox Conservation land, photo taken on 9/24/22, near the banks of Stony Brook in Westford. According to Native Plant Trust’s Go Botany, this beautiful native is the most common clematis in New England. The Cherokee made an infusion of virgin’s-bower with milkweed (Asclepias) to treat backache, as well as … Read more

Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – September 2022

The feeling of fall is definitely in the air. Its a lovely time of year, with colorful red maples changing into brilliant red and orange costumes, mushrooms popping up, and purple and white asters blooming in the meadows and woods. We may notice migrating birds passing by or arriving at our feeders for only a … Read more