Spring 2021 Newsletter

In This Issue David Ebitson Elected New Trust President Let It Be An Oak – Virtual Presentation by Doug Tallamy A Year of Westford Trails by David Ebitson Notes from the Trail Mapping Trenches by Rich Strazdas Fighting Litter with Data by Mark Minnucci Hike to the Tall Pines in Carlisle by Bill Harman Spring Bird Walk … Read more

Welcome New Trust President Dave Ebitson

Please join us in welcoming Dave Ebitson as the Trust’s new president. Dave has been active in the Land and Trails committee for the last several years. As a former Corporate Director for Global Product Support, Dave has added additional organizational skills to the Trust. He created a database to track and monitor the condition … Read more

Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – April 2021

Bees are  keystone species in the web of life. The presence of bees in our yards and open spaces is essential to the pollination and flourishing of our plants, and thus to our own lives. Dick Callahan, legislative director for the Massachusetts Beekeepers Association states that around the world, 40-50% of insect species are declining. … Read more

Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman

What It’s Like To Be a Bird Just as most gardeners love to read seed catalogs in spring, most bird watchers enjoy reading bird books. There is a new bird book just published, by artist David Allen Sibley, called “What It’s Like to Be a Bird”. This is a beautiful book of Sibley’s outstanding paintings … Read more