Vernal Pool Critters

Late winter/early spring is the time to look out for activity near your local vernal pool on the first rainy, warm nights of spring.   Here are some photos from areas near a few Westford vernal pools from Saturday, MARCH 12th Any day now, when we get a big soaking rain with a nighttime temperature … Read more

Pale Green Critters

Pale Green Assassin Bug Photo taken May 15, 2021 on local flora. Description: Pale green or yellowish insect with a thin body. Adults have dark wings, males have a dark head as well. Nymphs lack wings and thorax spines. Adults can fly but rarely do so. Reproduction: In July adults lay eggs. The eggs are laid in … Read more

Vernal Pool Critters

Photo of probable hybrid/jefferson blue spotted salamander was taken on March 18, 2021 near a vernal pool in Westford by Diane Duane. To learn more about salamanders, wood frogs, peepers and other critters in vernal pools, check out this info from Littleton Conservation Dept. If you want more info on vernal pools in general, there … Read more


This picture was taken in the morning on October 31st by Jeff Morse at a small nearby pond at the corner of Vose road and Old Lowell Rd in Westford To learn more about Coyotes in MA, check out Mass Audubon at