Trust Land

Land Owned by Trust
The Trust owns these parcels in their entirety. Most parcels have trails on them, and all but one of the parcels owned by the Trust are public access. The Gordon Land on Lowell Road is not public access.

  1. Hildreth Meadow Conservation Area, 3 acres
  2. Acker Land on Stony Brook by Depot Street, 15 acres
  3. Collins Land on Stony Brook, 12.6 acres
  4. Foley Land near Providence Rd behind Drew Farms, 13.3 acres
  5. Mutrie Land, 2 parcels, Griffin Rd and Old Lowell Rd, 2 acres and 0.25 acre
  6. MacQuarrie Land, MacQuarrie Lane, 2.2 acres
  7. Landmark Rd (includes quarry), 1.7 acres
  8. Sassafras Rd, 0.25 acre
  9. Gordon Land on Lowell Rd (along Stony Brook), 2.7 acres
  10. De Silva Land behind Stony Brook Rd abutting Acker Land, 2.9 acres
  11. Heald Land on Concord Rd near Powers Rd, 11 acres
  12. Lambert Land on Lowell Rd (part of Francis Hill Wildlife Sanctuary), 18 acres
  13. Elliot Land, Prospect Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Hildreth St, 8 acres
  14. Dobbins Rd and Steeple Chase Rd, 2 parcels (a.k.a.Vose Rd), 1 acre each
  15. Seldon Land, Drew Crossing, 1844 sq. ft., (Trust received this land as a swap for an equal sized piece from Foley Land parcel above)
  16. Griffin Rd, 2 acres
  17. Sugar Maple Lane, 6.3 acres

Conservation Restriction Land Held by Trust
Conservation restriction (CR) land is conservation land which is owned by a private owner or owners’ association and on which no future building is allowed. The holder of the restriction (Town or Trust) enforces the boundaries and conservation provisions. Most CRs allow public access on marked trails.

  1. Finnegan Trail, near Evergreen Circle and Pine Ridge Rd (part of Tom Paul Trail)
  2. Emmet Hayfield (now Mass. Audubon), Texas Rd, 31 acres
  3. Harman Land, off Hunt Rd, 8.5 acres
  4. Flaherty Trail, Kylemore Dr
  5. Landmark Rd (CR and trail easement), near Route 27 connecting Rail Trail to Landmark Rd and to Rail Tree Hill
  6. Hicks Trail, Buckboard Dr
  7. Robson Trail, Stony Brook Rd
  8. Edson Land, Town Farm Rd and Forge Village Rd, 0.5 acre
  9. Chaplin/Comeau Land, Leyland Rd, 15 acres
  10. Harman Land (part of Francis Hill Wildlife Sanctuary), Chamberlain Rd, 7 + 2.7 + 5 acres
  11. Wilson Land near Preservation Way and Concord Rd, 22 acres
  12. Wilson Land (formerly Jennie Johnson Land, donated by Dick and Alan Emmet), Preservation Way, 6 acres
  13. Burns Hill, Rome Dr, 42.5 acres
  14. 1 Leland Road, 5.02 acres
  15. 1 Shelly Lane, 1.71 acres
  16. Switzer, Lowell Road, 1.32 acres
  17. Timberlake, Tenney Road, 44.915 acres
  18. Stepinski, between Stony Brook and railroad, 77.28 acres
  19. Conneilly, between Burns Hill and I-495, 22.5 acres

Trail Easements Held by Trust
A trail easement is a legal document which allows a designated corridor to be perpetually used as a trail by the public. The land itself may be owned by a private owner, but the Trust or Town maintains the trail and enforces the legal provisions.

  1. Village View Estates, Village View Dr (trail easement held by Town, Trust maintains trail)
  2. Blanchard Farms Graniteville Rd, (part of Tom Paul Trail)
  3. Little Bear Hill Trail, Little Bear Hill Rd
  4. Red Line Trail, Littleton Rd
  5. Railtree Hill Trail, Vose Hill Rd (connecting to Carlisle)
  6. Julie Joy Lane
  7. Anderson Orchard Trail (Francis Hill Estates), Chamberlain Rd
  8. Lakeside Meadows Trail Easement
  9. Kloppenburg, Flagg Rd

Conservation Restriction Land Held Jointly by Trust and Town
These CR parcels are jointly administered by the Town and the Conservation Trust.

  1. Tom Paul Trail, Main St to Graniteville Rd (also trail easement held by Trust)
  2. Hitchin Post Greens, Howard Rd / Magnolia Dr, (Trust has right to maintain trail, Town holds CR)
  3. Timberstone, Shannon Circle (Trust maintains trail, Town holds CR)
  4. Carlisle Meadows, Carlisle Rd and Wilson Farm Rd, 24 acres
  5. Jarvis Property, Jarvis Way, 8.1 acres (off Griffin Rd)
  6. Chatfield Circle (a.k.a. Chatsworth Circle, Tenney Hills), 22.7 acres (off Dunstable Rd)
  7. Treat Estates, Barn Lane, 6.9 acres (off Lowell Rd)
  8. Woodbury Dr (a.k.a. Wayside Crossing), 7 acres
  9. Chestnut Woods, Blueberry Lane (off Main St.), 5.2 acres
  10. Tenney Hills, Hopkins Place, 14 acres
  11. Lakeside Meadows, Depot Rd, 68 acres
  12. The Villages, April Lane (off Concord Rd), 33 acres
  13. Briarwood Circle (a.k.a. Benchmark Estates), Forrest Rd (connecting Forrest Rd to Greystone), 10 acres
  14. Blakes Hill Rd (a.k.a. Orchard Hills, former Drew orchard off Boston Rd), 46.5 acres
  15. Hyacinth Common, Hyacinth Dr, 24 acres
  16. Sweetser Place, Ashley Place, 8.5 acres
  17. Westford Manor Estates, Hutchins Rd, 29.2 acres (with trail easement)

Lists updated on 28 Sep 2019