Water Quality

Westford’s primary drinking water aquifer underlies the Stony Brook watershed. There are fourteen public water supply wells in this watershed. There are six public water supply wells scattered through the southern portion of the Nashoba Brook watershed. Protection of lands associated with these drinking water aquifers is critical to sustaining surface and groundwater quality and quantity.  -Watershed Action Plan for Town of Westford, 2007

Water Quality Monitoring Stream Team

Westford Map circ 1875 (includes ponds & streams)
Westford Map circ 1875 (includes ponds & streams)

**6/26/23 – Please note we have been inactive for the past few years (post covid). We are currently re-evaluating our program and working on recalibration of our meters so we can work on a few small projects within the trust. At this time, we do not need new volunteers. Please check back for future updates!

Trust and community members work together as part of the water quality monitoring group, the Westford Stream Team. We have been sampling and collecting data in the Nashoba Brook and Stony Brook watersheds in some form since 2006, under the guidance and auspices of OARS (Organization for the Assabet Sudbury & Concord Rivers). Our goals are to measure and document water quality and field observations over the long term to provide potential trend analysis. We also provide this data to town and state agencies for further analysis if needed. Funding is provided by the town through our annual request to the Conservation Commission.

The Water Quality reports below show analysis which includes dissolved oxygen, pH, water temperature, phosphorus, nitrogen (nitrates), conductivity & river (stream) field observations.

Water Quality Training  – OARS (Organization for the Assabet, Concord & Sudbury Rivers) holds training at the beginning of sampling season, usually in April or May. Contact OARS to sign up or for more info!

OARS depends on volunteers to monitor water quality in the SUASCO watershed which include the Assabet, Sudbury & Concord Rivers – see OARS website for more info on how to voluteer for their stream teams.

Westford Community Access Television 2013 Special: Westford Stream Team (video)

Westford Stream Team Reports

2018 Water Quality Report

2017 Water Quality Report

2016 Water Quality Report

2015 Water Quality Report

2014 Water Quality Report

More Stream Info

Stony Brook

Nashoba Brook


wetlands graphic

As we protect our wetlands, we protect our drinking water. Rain which falls drains to wetlands and slowly percolates into the groundwater. If there were no wetlands to absorb rain, water would flow directly and swiftly into our rivers and out of Westford, depleting our drinking water aquifers. See how wetlands work.

Global Warming
Global warming and the resultant climate change is a complex issue. It is both a scientific and a conservation matter that affects us here in Westford. We believe that education is a critical part of the remedy. We propose twelve actions you can start taking today. What is at stake is nothing less than our planet’s future.  Read our brochure.