Snake Meadow Brook Trail

In 1998, the town acquired the Snake Meadow property. Trails extend on both sides of Gould Road, downhill from Route 40.

To the east, the trail passes through a meadow and then enters woodland next to Snake Meadow Brook. You may see hunting stands in the trees. Eventually, the trail enters private property near Keyes Pond. The Slifer trails are only 350 feet from here, but the brook and its attendant marsh preclude connecting them.

To the west, the trail follows Snake Meadow Brook upstream. It begins next to a paddock, traveling over Eagle Scout candidate Brian Valante’s 64-foot boardwalk constructed in 2015. Entering the forest, the trail bed becomes rugged, with many boulders. After a quarter mile or so, cross the brook on one of the finest trail bridges in Westford, constructed by Eagle Scout candidate Dan Turnbull in 2010. For years, only intrepid bushwhackers ventured on the north side of the brook. In 2017, Eagle Scout candidate Bill Senapati built a loop trail that doubles back downstream and heads into them thar hills. As you pass various stone walls, you wonder why the hillside is still covered in stones. The hundreds of boulders you walk over and around have earned this trail the moniker of most difficult in Westford. There are steeper trails, but none rougher. Are you up for the challenge?


Trails extend on both sides of Gould Road, downhill from Route 40.

Parking: Ample
Owned by: Conservation Commission

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The western section, past the paddock, is strewn with boulders of all sizes. There are steeper trails in town, but none rougher.