There’s a lot of variety along the trail in the Kloppenburg Conservation Land – small brook crossings and considerable uphill and downhill hiking. You will see many attractive old stone walls too. The main trail, a loop, is located among three hills, and in one case the trail goes steeply up one side and then down the other side.

As shown on the accompanying map, the trailhead is on the west side of Flagg Road. The road is so narrow that we usually park on Alcorn Crossing on the other side of Flagg Road. Walking in from the trailhead the trail begins as a single path before reaching the main loop. When you come to the main loop, it will be an intersection of three stone walls. You can turn left and go clockwise around the loop, or go straight for a counterclockwise loop. Both are interesting. If you go to the left, you will soon find the trail going steeply downhill to a brook crossing. You will need good balance to cross the brook. After that you will come to another brook crossing, where a new excellent bridge was built by Gautham Anoop as a scout project in 2021. After that are three more brook crossings which require good balance. Slightly upstream from the second of those crossings is a large, impressive oak tree. The tree is next to the brook and probably benefitted for many years from the nearby brook.

The Kloppenburg land was given to the Town as Conservation Land by George Kloppenburg in 1998, at a time when he and his friend Tom Paul often discussed large trees. Also responsible for a portion of the trail between the road and the main loop was a generous trail donation by Brenda and Perry Gould.

Before going to hike there, it’s worth considering the three brook crossings which will require good balance and the steep sections of trail which will require good energy.

Bill Harman

Acreage: 12.9


Parking is problematic on Flagg Road, so your best option is to use Alcorn Crossing nearby.

Parking: Moderate
Owned by: Westford Conservation Commission
Restriction held by: Westford Conservation Commission


This trail, constructed in late 2014, connects two properties owned by the Conservation Commission. The town acquired the property at the trailhead in 2000, while the larger landlocked parcel was donated by George and Virginia Kloppenburg in 1998. An easement in the intervening area was granted by Brenda and Perry Gould in 2014, paving the way for an unpaved trail to this interesting area of mixed forest and streams. In 2021 a large footbridge was constructed by Scout Gautham Anoop.

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