Martina Gage Town Forest

The Martina Gage property and trail is nestled between Old Lowell Road and Hart Pond which is also called Baptist Pond. The conservation area provides a haven for a large number of wildlife species which enjoy the cool waters of Pond Brook as it crosses under Old Lowell Road from the O’Brien Farm and passes along the 4-H Fair Grounds to Hart pond.
The various pools in the forest and feeder streams provides a nursery for the large mouth bass which have enjoyed Hart Pond for many years. You will find a variety of wildlife meandering between the O’Brien Farm and the Martina Gage Forest. The combination of wetlands, feeder streams and local hay fields provides an abundance of food and creates a wildlife corridor for all species to enjoy.
You will find a parade of nature’s finest such as red fox, coyote, deer and a variety of New England’s eleven turtle species which have made this area home.
We thank Martina Gage who left this forest land of seventy-five acres to the Town of Westford through her will in 1935.

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