Slifer Conservation Land

In 1987, the town acquired the Slifer property and made most of the property conservation land. The Slifer property was once a thriving, wonderfully landscaped property. Over the years, much of the landscaping has become overgrown. However, the property still features a variety of flowers, roses, and ornamental trees in addition to two sets of unbelievably huge, must-see, rhododendrons. (Late May or early June is the best time to see the rhododendrons in full bloom.) This property also features an abundance of wildlife, from a variety of birds to local Canadian geese and beaver families.

In 1998, the property received a major face-lift from Will Bunker, an aspiring Eagle Scout. Will and a group of volunteers cleaned up the property and installed three picnic tables. Also in 1998, a group of volunteers from the Westford Land Stewardship Committee, a joint committee from the Conservation Commission and the Westford Conservation Trust, cleared a trail through the upland wooded portion of the property. This trail is wide and nicely marked. It passes close by a group of about five huge rhododendrons which reside in the middle of the woods. The trail entrance is located at the parking area and exists in a clearing where you will find a picnic table nestled along side several ornamental trees. The trail can be extended by walking past a small pond along the way to Keyes Pond and looping back toward the parking area. The total time to walk this “figure eight” path is about 15 minutes, though it may take you double that if you pause to admire the beautiful flora and fauna along the way!


The Slifer property is located at the corner of Keyes Road and Gould Road (just around the corner from the Picking/Gould Farm). The entrance to the property is located on Keyes Road and is marked by three mortared stone pillars.

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