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Nature Sighting photos are from area residents and visitors. To share your great, Westford area, outdoor photo, send it to us!

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Burn's Hill Hike

Guided Walk
near 14 Rome Dr (Extension), Westford MA
Saturday, June 1, 2019
9:00 am - 10:30 am

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News and Updates

December 2016 – Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman

Happy New Year! At this time of year I like to review the reports to Westford Wildlife Watch from the past year. In 2016, fifty-three residents and one elementary school from all over town sent in flora and fauna reports, some monthly, and others only once or twice. Altogether, there were 2123 different reports. That’s

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November 2016 – Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman

At this season, our native trees are on full display. We notice some are still lovely in their fall foliage, especially the oaks which tend to hold on to their leaves long into winter. Other deciduous trees are now bare and displaying beautiful branching patterns we may not notice when they are covered in leaves.

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October 2016 – Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman

As fall and winter approach, birders are thinking about keeping our birds fed in the cold weather. Many bird lovers in Westford note down the different species and numbers we see, and many of you report your findings to Westford Wildlife Watch, so that we can all read and enjoy them. An additional way to

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