Wildlife Watch

Wildlife Watch is a series of monthly stories by Honorary Director Marian Harman. Marian has been writing these since 1990! We’re delighted to feature her new stories here to share with you!

Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – November 2021

November 30, 2021

Climate change is the most important challenge the world faces. As I write this, the UN COP26 summit has just adjourned in Glasgow, Scotland. This is the 26th UN Climate

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Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – October 2021

October 28, 2021

Fall is the time for many animals to migrate south. We know that many species of birds migrate and also that Monarch Butterflies migrate. But did you know that Green

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Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – September 2021

September 28, 2021

What Good Is A Forest? What good is a forest? How do I count the ways? We know by experience, especially during the past year, how soothing and peaceful it

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Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – August 2021

August 28, 2021

Many of us have taken down our birdfeeders this summer, due to the mystery bird disease that is affecting the east coast and mid-west. We are feeling a profound loss

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Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – June 2021

July 2, 2021

Chemical Free Lawns Our lawns should be kept chemical free, and mown less frequently. Rob Moir of the Ocean River Institute of Cambridge, MA has studied lawns and bees. He

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Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – May 2021

May 26, 2021

Birds need native trees. Laura Tangley and Desiree Narango worked for three years as interns for Professor Doug Tallamy, Professor of Entomology at the University of Delaware. They studied how

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