Westford Girl Scout Project


Westford Girl Scout Troop 85410 Silver Award

Nandana, Amelia and Ashley

Congratulations to Cadettes Nandana, Amelia and Ashley, who completed their Silver Award project this summer.

Their pollinator awareness project included two parts, a public pollinator garden with a sign, and an educational workshop (virtual) including ‘seed bombs‘ which includes select pollinator friendly plants. Originally the scouts planned to run workshops to teach kids the importance of pollinators and show them how to make seed bombs but due to COVID-19 restrictions, they needed to adapt their project to this new challenge.  They were able to set up a stand at Muffins on Main leaving free seed bombs for people to take. They also offered their brochure on why pollinators are declining and how people can help. And finally they made videos to teach kids about pollinators and how to plant and make their own seed bombs. A survey was created to assess what was learned from the videos.

A pollinator friendly garden was planted at Abbot School in Westford, adjacent to the large parking lot/brick school wall. There were some interesting plants to begin with (for example, a class grew and planted herbs in the past), so the scouts were able to add quite a few natives and transplants to this existing area.

The scouts conferred with the Westford Conservation Commission, Westford Conservation Trust & Westford Garden Club  They grew some herbs/plants from seed, and have transplanted some from existing gardens, trying to make sure all seasons are covered.   A nice sign was donated from Xerces Society to spread awareness and encourage pollinator friendly flowers. Thanks also to the Westford Kiwanis for help with funding.

An encouraging number of pollinators have already been observed!


Pollinators report:

While at the garden we saw at least ten different pollinator species…

3 species of wasps

3 species of bees

2 species of beetle

1 species of dragonfly

1 species of hummingbird

1 species of butterfly