Westford Conservation Trust Scholarship Recipients for 2021


Each year the Trust presents college scholarships of up to $1000 to Westford seniors who demonstrate an interest beyond their studies in the cause of conservation.

Education and conservation are foremost in the minds of the Trust directors and we hope to encourage the youth of Westford to follow this same passion.

We are honored to announce the 2021 Scholarship Awards to the following Westford seniors. The Trust wishes all recipients great success in their future endeavors. Congratulations to all recipients!

Scholarship Awards for 2021

  1. Alicia Bergeron – Alicia has marched for climate change and joined the local Sunrise Movement.  She has pursued outside courses and independent study in climate justice to further her interests.  She plans to major in Biology.
  2. Sadie Green – Sadie has volunteered for an island preservation organization for most of her life and has gained valuable environmental experience.   She would like to major in Biology.
  3. Jason Liang -Jason participated in the Trust’s water quality sampling and analyzed water parameter trends.  He gave a presentation to the Trust summarizing his interpretations.  Jason demonstrates independence and commitment to an environmental project.  He intends to major in Environmental Engineering at University of Michigan.
  4. Dhwani Shrivastava -Dhwani has demonstrated her interest in environmental issues through her completion of a Girl Scout Cadette Silver Award.  She helped create an environmentally friendly greenhouse made with recycled soda bottles at the Millennium Preschool along with a guide for the students on plants and sustainability.  Dhwani plans to major in Biology.

Scholarship recipient Jason Liang measuring water quality near Pond Brook