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Nature Sighting photos are from area residents and visitors. To share your great, Westford area, outdoor photo, send it to us!

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Spring Bird Walk (please check in for any updates!)

Guided Walk
Trailside Way parking area, Westford MA
Saturday, May 9, 2020
7:30 am - 9:00 am

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News and Updates

Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – November 2019

In late fall and winter when most plants are dormant, lichens are still growing. You have probably noticed lichens on trees, rocks and even tombstones. Lichens can survive and grow in conditions of extreme cold and dryness, even in parts of Antarctica. Lichens are a curious combination of a green algae and a fungus. They

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Fall 2019 Newsletter

 In This Issue Annual Meeting 2019 In memorium, Emily Edwards 2019 Summer in Review Girl Scout Troop 85411 Transforms Beaver Brook Trail by Dave Ebitson New Trail Opportunity on the Salt Box Farm by Rich Strazdas The Abbot Trailby Bill Harman What’s in your Backyard? – Recognizing and Controlling Invasives Guided Trail Walk Schedule for

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Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – October 2019

Where have all the birds gone? Many wildlife watchers have asked this question recently. Indeed, our feeders, after being in constant demand all summer, are now virtually empty of birds, save for an occasional goldfinch. As I recall, this is always a concern for feeder watchers at this time of year. There may be several

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