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Spring 2020 Newsletter

In This Issue Hike the Trails of Westford and Win an Award! – by Rich Strazdas A Scouting Project Review – by David Ebitson 30 Year History of the Westford Wildlife Watch by Bill Harman Spring 2020 Newsletter

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Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – February 2020

What is your favorite bird? Many of us would answer, “Chickadee!” After all the black-capped chickadee is the Massachusetts state bird. Chickadees’ cheerful presence at our bird feeders or in the trees along our walk, is always welcome. Its range is confined to North America, from the northeast to northern California and south to the

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Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – January 2020

Do you wonder if your winter bird feeding actually helps the birds? Many experts have told us that birds don’t really need us; that feeding is only for people to enjoy birds, not to keep birds alive. But a new study done in the United Kingdom suggests that feeding birds may indeed help them. Cornell

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