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Nature Sighting photos are from area residents and visitors. To share your great, Westford area, outdoor photo, send it to us!

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Burn's Hill Hike

Guided Walk
near 14 Rome Dr (Extension), Westford MA
Saturday, June 1, 2019
9:00 am - 10:30 am

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Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – February 2019

Farmland is disappearing in Massachusetts. We are losing agricultural lands and farming opportunities at an alarming rate. To try to stem the tide of farmland loss, the Mass Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) established the Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) program in 1979. It was a first-in-the-nation model for many other states. The MDAR website states,

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Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – January 2019

In December, seven bobcats were reported to this column by Westford residents. Though we have been seeing bobcats in Westford since 1995, seven sightings in one month is an unusually high number. In 1995, there was one report of one animal, then no reports for many years. Between 2007 and the present, there have been

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Wildlife Watch by Marian Harman – December 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 was a good year for Westford wildlife watchers. Fifty-six residents sent in 1371 flora and fauna reports. Each month saw some interesting sightings. January was cold and snowy, but nevertheless blackbirds, both red-winged blackbirds and cowbirds returned to Westford on January 20. A flying squirrel was seen on Pine Hill Rd.

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