Marian’s Wildlife Blog for August 2018

Squirrel on feeder – Marian Harman

Are the critters getting smarter, or am I getting dumber? This year, the squirrels and chipmunks have been besting us at every turn. It is sometimes comforting to think that humans are smarter than other animals, but if I ever believed that, I no longer do.

As some of you know, my husband and I moved to a lovely condo in the woods last winter. We had a real deck for the first time, and after erecting several feeders complete with squirrel baffles on the deck railing, we reveled in the fact that a wide variety of birds arrived quickly. We could see the birds close up while we ate breakfast. This was much better, we thought, than our pole feeder way out in the yard of the house we had moved from. We offered shelled sunflower seed, mixed seed, thistle seed, suet, and safflower seed. We had been told that birds like safflower but squirrels don’t. We were so confidant of this that we didn’t even put a baffle on the safflower feeder. All went very well for awhile, and we were even accused of stealing other people’s birds. In the spring, we hung a hummingbird feeder and were thrilled when a lovely pair started visiting several times a day. Later in the spring, we planted patio and grape tomatoes in pots on the deck and were happy when they bloomed.  read more…..